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    June 22, 2007


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    Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Valleywag Slanders FM Bloggers?:

    » PayPerPost 2.0? from IMR: Extras: HawaiiBlog
    Silicon Valley gossip blog Valleywag, which generally teeters just beyond the edge of credible reporting,... [Read More]



    It's not slander when it's true. Arrington has confirmed as much:

    "The ads go up, we get paid."

    Dave Winer

    Richard MacManus also confirmed that they get paid.

    "FM's 'star writers' were not paid to endorse Microsoft products, just to write something with the phrase "people ready" in it"

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Hmmm ... thanks for the correction, Rick and Dave. I still believe that the Valleywag post is way aggressive, but the title of the piece technically may be accurate.

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