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    October 30, 2006


    Kristie Wells

    Congrats Giovanni! Best of luck to you on this new adventure of yours. The client list is impressive and I know this is just the tip of the iceberg for you.


    Shaula Evans

    It is a pleasure to watch you keep churnig out good news, Giovanni.

    I look forward to the first public peek at the beta site.

    Best wishes on all of your exciting projectes!

    Mike Manuel

    Congrats, neighbor;)

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Thanks Mike, Kristie and Shaula! And hope you will all join the community, which starts with just a simple list.


    Congrats Giovanni, and on your PR week gig. I often tell people you were the first blogger who EVER linked to Media Orchard -- thanks again for getting me started.

    Joseph Thornley

    Congratulations Giovanni,
    I've been following your progress through the world of social media since the session that you led at the PRSA Counselors Academy in Phoenix in May 2005.
    This is a great initiative and I wish you every success with it.

    John Cass

    Giovanni, I am glad we had a chance to chat at the conference in Boston. Congratulations on the new company. Have you seen James Governor's MonkChips article about SAP?

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Thanks, John. I did see the James Governor post about "blogger relations." That's the one, correct? Very good piece. One of his questions -- "where on earth is your blog though, Mike?" -- will soon be answered.


    Be careful with how you promote Berggi as they are about a year behind. There are several other companies have been providing email and IM to lower level mobile phones for some time. Companies like,, and others. Berggi is charging $9.95 a month while Movamail is only $2.95.

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