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    November 21, 2006



    The people over at seem to have a difference of opinion. But if you read through the comments it is clear that Mobile Crunch is only one opinion. Hope it works out for you guys.

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Thanks, Taylor. I was part of that discussion yesterday. I do not agree with Oliver's approach to writing this story -- nor do I agree with his conclusions -- but I think he has started a legitmate debate about the future of mobile applications. I happen to represent two companies that base *part* of their business model on simple downloads, and both are off to a very fine start. There are a number of ways to get on the cell phone. And if consumers decide that they truly like and need a application, you can be sure that the incumbents will find a way to provide it.


    Its agood website but dont how to use it when itry to download it tells me berggi already exists how do igo aboutit?

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