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    November 28, 2006


    Josh Morgan

    I'm going through this issue right now as we begin staffing up. I hope to be able to offer fully employer paid coverage. That's my goal. A friend of mine who started his own agency ( whom I went to for advice said, "It's the right thing to do," and I agree.

    The sad truth is that most agencies take advantage of the fact that their employees are for the most part younger and health coverage is not a deciding factor.


    Their exists many alternatives to bcbs and the likes with the tall sky scrapers and commercials. It is called consumer driven health care and as ligit as a sunrise.

    Placing control back into the consumer's hands instead of some underwriter's business whom has no business delegating our costs between doctors and patients.

    BTW, at 1980 rates without restrictions and independent of any employment.

    Happy Holidays,


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