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    January 04, 2007



    She asked him a number of questions related to the lawsuit allegations even if she never said "lawsuit". Serious issues and ethical matters were addressed (eg What people were told; how did he felt being "saved" under false pretences; how his religious views factor in; how he can justify his gay character as a stright person; do people feel betrayed?). I doubt there was a gag. Ken Davidian (Azamat) and the lady who plays Luenell have both answered questions regarding the lawsuits, and Baron Cohen mocked the allegations in his dry way on the televised British Comedy Awards. Terry is clearly a fan and this interview was a huge "get" - why would she be hostile to him? Early signs suggest the litigants aren't going to find much success in their quest for big bucks anyway, and Fox has helpful things like evidence, signed detailed waivers and useful witnesses on their side instead on just sob stories.


    Borat's FULL comment was:
    “There is a lot of physical preparation as well. I never washed the suit - when I come in the room there’s this terrible smell. And Borat doesn’t wear any deodorant. THERE IS THIS KIND OF DREADFUL SOVIET BLOC SMELL THE MOMENT I WALK IN”.

    Now who can mock a prejudiced satirist?

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