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    January 08, 2007


    Miss Moxie

    i am actually fond of "hit the ground running." to me, it provides a clear visual of activity, where sayings like 'open the kimono' or 'push the envelope' may not be as visual as they are literal. plus, it transcends beyond the PR lingo where even (mon dieu!) a client not PR savvy would understand. one i would like to explore - 'jump the shark.'

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    "Jump the shark"? That's new to me. I'll keep my ears open for that one.

    Martin Waxman

    Jump the shark harkens back to an episode of 'Happy Days', when Arthur Fonzarelli (AKA the Fonz) actually jumps over a shark on waterskis as a stunt. It's since come to mean: "A defining moment when you know your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now's all downhill." Check out the source of that quote. I wonder if (when) the blogosphere will jump the shark? Any thoughts?

    SGT P

    I don't think that the business world has the right to take our lingo and use it as their own. Our way of life does not compare to yours in any way shape or form. You know absolutely nothing about what we mean when we say "hit the ground running". Please, find another phrase to sum up what you are trying to explain here. We don't have much. Don't take our lingo. It really does mean the world to us.
    SGT P

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