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    March 13, 2007


    Lenovo Customer Service Tragedy

    My experience with Lenovo consisted of receiving a laptop with no battery & power cord! I promptly purchased an alternate Thinkpad from a local retailer and called in to make arrangements to return the incomplete laptop that was mailed to me through Lenovo directly. A customer service rep gave me completely inaccurate information as to how to go about returning their equipment to them. ("Just write 'return to sender' on the original package and drop it off at a UPS store" was what I was told - only to find out later that this violates every single return procedure ever put into place, and no one can explain to me why this person gave me such misleading information)

    This mis-information left me without a tracking number, and lo & behold Lenovo claims they never received my laptop back at their warehouse. I asked for a physical audit to be done at their warehouse, confident that it's in there *somewhere* but I was told by Mr Bumarch that that request is wildly unreasonable. (But apparently charging a customer for a laptop that was mailed back to them is completely reasonable)

    I've been speaking to Tony Bumarch (Direct Phone Number: 919-543-6681) and have been given the run around over and over with the end result being Lenovo can do absolutely nothing for me. I've also CC'd all my correspondences with Tony to David Churbuck, in the hopes that he might be able to assist in some fashion, but apparently my complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

    So to sum it up, Lenovo lied to me, stole my money and told me to go away.

    I've been an avid Thinkpad fan for countless years and even have an old P166 Thinkpad in my closet that still runs, (It's built like a tank) but I have pretty much lost all faith in Lenovo's ability to properly deal with even the most simple of tasks such as a customer return.

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