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    March 29, 2007


    Patty Seybold

    Thanks for the mention! Although I have promulgated customer co-design, I can't claim to have had anything to do with Dell's IdeaStorm effort (other than to be delighted about it!).

    One of the things that often happens in early days of customer co-design is that customers clamor for something the company has been tempted to do but hasn't gotten around to yet, for lots of NIH reasons. The customers then help shape the company's initiative so that it is much more likely to be successful. For example, your customers know a lot more about what's needed to ensure rapid adoption than your product managers do! It looks to me as if that's what's happened with Linux on Dells.

    linux photoshop

    Dell has thoughts on Linux on their and maybe with the request of their customers they supplied them with laptops that comes with preinstalled Linux operataing system

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