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    March 10, 2007


    shel israel

    Good piece, Giovanni. We Shels refer to ourselves as the Original Shel (me) and the other Shel (Holtz) these adjectives refer onloy to age. BTW, I thought you delivered the best single line of the conference and as the youngest so of a Jewish immigrant family I appreciate your having said it.

    John Cass

    Shel, What was the line?

    Giovanni, Great to see you again. Do you think we should have the event in LV next year?

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Hi John,

    Can't say I hate Las Vegas -- I am back, for community2.0 -- but I think it would be great to do it next year at a more international venue. My nomination: London, or New York. :)

    Adam Zand

    What happens in Vegas stays in Woburn.

    As mentioned on recap blog posts from Kami Watson Huyse and Chip Griffin from CustomScoop (who I immediately thanked for his previous ice cream scoop promo mailing), my favorite part was meeting folks who have educated me in this space. I should probably take it to our blog (interview podcasts from the hallways in production, I swear), but I include you and the other corporate blogging panel folks - John Cass, Shel I. and Debbie Weil (although her book promo was very weird).

    I love the London (suburb?) idea - especially if costs could be the same or even cheaper than this event. I just have a sense that great communities are developing and innovations (especially mobile tech) hatching outside of our borders.

    Gio, it was great seeing you in "Venice" let's catch up in "Boston, you're my home" for SNCR's December event and sooner on the blogs.

    Cheers, Adam
    azand at topazpartners dot com
    Bubba Scaggs in Second Life; BubbaScaggsJr in

    John Cass

    Giovanni, London would be interesting, or New York. With the election coming up next year, how about Washington D.C. and we have a track on social media for politics? Might provide some good resources for the battle in 2008.

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