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    March 04, 2007


    John Cass

    I think Stowe's right on the issue of too many social media communities. Though I was also thinking that media properties such as USA Today might be for some people be the first entry into social media technology. The company should try it and see what happens, but if they really want to succeed USA Today will have to compete in an already crowded space.


    Stowe says: "What I want is a social news application not limited to the content of any particular media company."
    I wonder if he noticed that each section of the new USA Today has a tab called "Across the Web" which pulls in content from a multitude of other sources. ..not just USA Today, or even Gannet properties. For example CBS News, ESPN, Reuters, Google, NASA, CNN, National Geographic, BBC, Wall Street Journal, etc, etc, etc.....

    And you, as a user, get to decide which of those sources you care to have presented when you visit that section.

    Seems like they are embracing "openness" pretty well to me.

    John Cass

    DBo raises an interesting point. You can have a close community, but if you open it up to the rest of the web and blogs with technology connections you will succeed in leveraging your own content to appear on other sites, or provide extra relevancy by providing content from other sites. YouTube succeeded with this by giving people the ability to integrate YouTube into other websites

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