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    June 30, 2007


    jennifer jones

    Giovanni: Congrats on your paper. There is no doubt what you suggest is happening is REALLY happening. At PodTech, although we are not an "agency" we are seeing the need by marketing people to have a one-stop source for social media counsel and they are coming to PodTech to see what we can offer. So we are just one company but getting bombarded by the demand from marketers.

    I think PR people should really see it is an opportunity to redefine the practice of PR.
    They will have to go "to school" on social media and take the time to get educated. It is not hard to do; it just requires the discipline and time to do it.

    Todd Defren

    Sounds fascinating, cannot wait to read it! ...or should I be afraid?

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Hi Todd

    Forgot to link to the study. Please look above.

    No nothing to fear, from my perspective. The PR industry has a big opportunity.

    David Callisch

    I have NO idea what this means:

    But as I have been saying for some time, the way to compete in the new marketing landscape is to position around general communications strategy. Good strategy (i.e., strategy that can be executed across all disciplines) continues to be the scarcest -- and most valuable -- service of all.

    I think the problem with PR people is that they like to talk in ambiguities and big concepts without specifics. Senior management wants to know simple stuff: how many more widgets will I sell, how many articles will be written about my company.

    With the exception of large companies with too many people in them that might want to "position around general communications strategy" most just want value for money. Value that can be touched, felt and seen.

    Giovanni Rodriguez


    Er, what's ambiguous about the statement? And it sounds like *do* understand what I am saying. Sure, you disagree. You could have left it at that, without the personal attack on "PR people."

    BTW, I don't disagree that most companies "want value for their money" -- note that I write "strategy that can be executed" (ideas that produce results). Nothing new to that argument, and the survey supports it. I'm just highlighting one of the less obvious findings in the survey -- companies are asking for help with overall communications strategy, and often PR people are being left out of the mix.

    Julia French

    G -

    This is such an important topic to write on. More and more PR is becoming more marketing and conversation based. No longer is great print coverage the only medium by which people will learn about a product. Well done on taking this on.

    david callisch

    Well Giovanni, I still have no idea what your statement means. I've read it half a dozen times now. Nothing personal either...I'M a PR person. So the remark wasn't aimed at you. As a PR person I try NOT to be what PR people are stereotyped for - being content-free. But I fail time and time again. To the extent we can provide concise, specific and relevant information and perspective that is tangible and measurable, I think we will all - as PR people - be successful. Instead we just seem to want to give advice and provide our perspective which emanates from no credible frame of reference. That's all.


    I'm currently exploring these themes for a diploma in Public Relations. Would you be willing to take part in an interview? Details on my blog
    Many thanks

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Sure. Please write to me at giorodriguez at gmail dot com

    John Stone

    Giovanni. Really enjoying your highly informative paper: "Relating to the Public." I want to quote for a book chapter and need a publication date. Can you help? Thanks very much. John Stone

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Hi John

    Thanks for the kind words. Publication date is June 2007.

    Would love to hear more about your new book.

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