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    November 24, 2007


    Brian Anderson

    Shaping or influencing policy through the media by both politicians and their sycophants is out-of-control. The internet, notably social media, could end up playing the role that pamphlets did prior to the American Revolution: virally spreading challenges to the system, exposing hypocrisies, defending the constitution, and making the citizens aware of threats to their homes, families, and freedoms.

    Brian Anderson

    Never, never write late at night inciting revolution.

    Regardless of the country, shaping or influencing policy through the media by both politicians and their sycophants is a problem. What’s more, the nature of the ownership and bias on the part of newspapers, radio stations, or television broadcasters is infrequently discussed. The people are left with never getting all the facts-sides to a story or issue, remaining uninformed on critical matters of the day.

    Social media can act as the great equalizer and disseminator of information from non-corporately owned or politically influenced sources. By its very nature, social media is viral: its spreads from person-to-person, group-to-group on the basis of interest, referrals, and passion.

    Not to raise the alarm bells here but social media had its precedent round about 250 years ago, namely the printing of politically -oriented pamphlets in the 13 Colonies. Just a thought ...

    jen_chan, writer

    Exactly. Where I come from, politicians tend to make use of every and any form of media they can get to communicate their intentions. However, I'm very proud to say that most of the members of younger generation are becoming more and more critical of these strategies. They don't just accept what they might see or hear about politicians anymore.

    Brian Anderson

    And this is a happy occurrence, Jen. We need fresh perspectives and a transition to truth-based debate, as the challenges facing us are increasingly complex and multilateral.

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    Took me time to read all the comments, but I enjoyed the article.

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