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    November 10, 2007


    Martin Waxman

    Thanks for coming to Toronto, Giovanni, sharing your ideas and sparking a lively and insightful dialogue. You're welcome back anytime.

    Joseph Thornley


    Your presentation to CPRS was thought provoking. And you definitely won over the home town fans by your references to McLuhan and Innis. McLuhan is easy. But putting Innis into the mix showed that you care about the audiences you address. Bravo!

    So, we've taken a vote and decided that you definitely make the grade as an honourary Canadian (note the Canadian spelling.) Of course, to collect on that honour, you have to come visit us again. ;-)


    Thanks for the links and mentions. It was great to meet you as well. Hope to see you again soon in the great white north.

    Here are some more fun stats regarding canadians on facebook:

    From social media group

    Brian Anderson

    Thanks Giovanni for an interesting discussion near the end of the evening. You came over to our table and sat down and everyone enjoyed speaking with you. All three of us picked up some thoughtful insights and you gave me some things to think about regarding my blog - which I will be emailing you about. And yes, we love Facebook up here; it seems more immediate than plain old email.

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Thanks, Brian, Collin, Joseph and Martin. Really enjoyed my visit. Cannot wait for the next.

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