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    July 13, 2008


    susan e

    I feel like a big bobo (boba? That can't be right.) All this time, I thought mofongo was soup...


    That is the funniest recipe for Mofongo I've ever heard of. No wonder mine have never tasted the same, I never knew abuela was a beer drinker. I'll have to try it. By the way somewhere along the way I picked up that instead of fatback or bacon you can actually use chunks of fried pork, try it you'll love it!!! Also the sauce you've tasted is another garlicky sauce you can make at home, use tomato sauce with olive oil or mayonaisse (which ever you prefer) mixed with another batch of smashed garlic. Chicken or fish broth poured over the plantains,will help moisten the mofongo. I agree with you on the music if you don't add this to your recipe the mood may not be right when you sit down to eat. Thanks for sharing one of abuelas treasured secrets and without a doubt I will remember to pass it on, cause time sure does fly....Be Blessed!!!

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Susan -- you must be thinking of mondongo. Never cared for it. But I'll make you some just for the fun of it.

    Josie -- so nice to hear from you. The beer is my invention. I believe Abuela might have preferred malta.


    No wonder I never made it. I just love to eat it. I can' believe you still have abuelita's mortar, wow I never knew the real name of that. I would love to hear more about our family history...menus party's etc. Did your wife like it? Is so nice to hear from you.
    Te Amo primo.


    Giovanni, I almost got in trouble 3 times at work laughing so hard at my computer. You are such a Puerto Rican. I never knew how to make it and to be honest I don't think I've eaten it since the 70's. And how did you get abuelitas wooden mortar. Was that part of the will? You lucky boy. You were always the favorite. :) I miss your stupid sense of humor.

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Carmen and Beverly -- my Mom got it from Grandma Isabel, and I got from my Mom. Maybe I'll give it to Isaac, if he can promise me not to hide his cars in it. I'll wait.

    Gloria N. Rodriguez

    Giovanni I know you love Mofongo, and your recipe is sure very entertaining, though kind of a long version. But since it was the "Mofongo for Bobos" recipe, it's allright for it to have twenty steps. I'm glad to read that you still have Grandma's Pilon.


    I have never tried Mofongo nor heard of it. I will confess, I do not know how to make any Puerto Rican dishes (I bow my head in shame). Mofongo sounds delicious. I definitely need to buy a wooden mortar pestle, ingredients, and have my husband make this dish for me. I forgot about your sense of humor. Miss you both. Isaac is a handsome little man.

    Heriberto Bonaparte

    Nene, even in my sorrow, you make
    me laugh...I notice you did not
    "pelastes los platanos",...hey
    how about some "Chicharones" or
    "chorizo", what about "un caldito de habichuelas" Pink bean.
    Anyway thats our Giovanni, the best of all, love you.
    Titi Dino love your receipe, naturally, she is Boba too.

    Gerson Bonaparte

    Giovanni, I too have a pilon that I came by. It was given to me by my grandmother on my dad's side. I actually have three pilones, one for salsa, one for regular cooking condiments and my grandmother's specifically for mofongo and roast pork seasoning. Funny how mofongo brings everyone out.

    Giovanni Rodriguez


    Come visit and I will make you some! Or maybe I'll Fedex you a nice big pile for Christmas.

    Gerson and Heri -- so great to see you here. Titi Dino is the other abuela I am channeling here. Everytime I see her I somehow manage to get her to cook for me. But I don't see her often enough.

    Alice Hernandez

    Giovanni, I wrote an Spanish reply yesterday. Try mofongo with lobster or shrimps.You have to ask your Titi Dino (my sister in law) for the recipe for "Pescado en Escabeche)it is her best.
    Love, Alice ( Hery's sister)


    Too good - thanks for the recipe! I just learned the the ancient way to make mojitos and will make them as a contribution to a party next weekend. The mofongo (Mofongi? what's the plural?) would be perfect to bring for appetizers, but your recipe does not include the all-important transportation step and I am confused: do I drive, fry, drink? Drink, wait, fry, drive? Stage the prep up the Peninsula through the clever use of Motel 6s? Or drive, drink, assault the host's kitchen on arrival, delegate while drinking? I think I just answered my own question...

    Ellen Petry Leanse

    Viva mofongo! Me encanta. Only one question: for how long must one soak one's platanos in that salted water? Wondering how many beers to plan for that essential step.

    Thinking beans...and maybe a mojito, which I know isn't excatly Puertoriqueno, but who's counting. Thanks!

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Hey Ellen,

    If you want to experience this like a true *boricua,* try pinto beans instead of black. And instead of mojitos, make a big blender of piña coladas (what time shall I stop by?). As for the soaking -- as much time as it takes to drink your first beer. As for the beer -- as many as you can consume without getting silly. This is serious business, nena.

    Dianna -- to quote an ancient Puerto Rican proverb, "if at first you don't succeed, fry fry again."

    Alice Hernandez

    For Dianna,
    There is not plural for mofongo. that "mofongi"sounds like "fungi"to answer your question not much time you need to keep them in salted water, if you are in a hurry sprinkle them with salt it is the same and enjoy....

    Chris Heuer

    great all around - nice to have you out in the world as a food blogger - but I would have added a few more steps for beer

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Alice -- thanks so much for your comments. You are helping to "crowdsource" revisions to this recipe, and I am grateful. Next up: cafe con leche. Going to a latino store this afternoon to get a new colador. If I can't find one, I'll have to use a sock.

    Joe Acevedo

    Hello Giovanni,
    My name Is Joe Acevedo and I host the Puerto Rican Arts, Culture and Events website. I just came across your blog through a Google search and read your Mofongo recipe, it is the funniest recipe I ever read.

    I have included a link to your mofongo recipe on my homepage, but I was wondering if I could post up your recipe with images on my website under recipes. This would be a new section and your recipe will be the first one posted.

    Let me know what you think.
    Thanks, Joe

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Joe -- I am honored. Yes -- let me know how I can help.


    Alice Hernandez

    Giovanni, I am loving this...If you don't find the "colador" let me know I'll send you some. if you have to use a sock, please, be sure it is a new one. A used one will give a different flavor to our "café con leche" and don't forget to mention to try it with bread "mojado" in the coffee. Hummmmm!

    Alice Hernandez

    Giovanni, this is going to go worldwide. I sent it to my daughter in France, a friend in Venezuela, and my sister in P.R.Continue with your funny recipes...

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Alice -- that's so great. Exciting to get your help in connecting with people in our tribe, wherever they may be.

    About the sock -- you are right. Just the thought that it might be dirty is enough to scare people away. :) I meant to find a colador yesterday, but will try on Saturday. If I strike out, I will let you know.


    Ron Rodriguez

    It's amazing to see what a little Mofongo can do. It must be noted though if you are not a beer drinker, an excelent P.R. substitute is Malta which can be found at your local bodega as well. I think you need to post some more recipes. I vote for (3- Beer min.) Bacalao-itos. you know, the salty Cod Fish also drowned in oil? Margaret, my boys & myself were recent benefactors of this delicious delicacy recently thanks to Mom. And what about Relleno-de-Papas!

    I have to go now. I'm hungry.

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Yes, Ron. Bacalao will make a big appearance here.

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