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    July 13, 2008


    Gloria N. Rodriguez (Mom)

    Joe Acevedo may turn out to be a good source for sharing your Puertorican "antojitos". I did make "Bacalaitos" recently, and they did turn out "Delicioso"...Ron & Cameron loved them.
    When you post the recipe for Cafe con Leche, don't forget to mention blowing on the boiled milk as you pour it over the Black (expresso) perked coffee. That was Grandma's way of serving it to us, to avoid using a strainer.(something else to wash).
    Do you want me to bring up some "Bacalaitos" and/or "Rellenos de Papas" when I come up in August?

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Hi Mom -- cannot wait for you to visit. We'll make the bacalao together and publish the recipe.


    Just the word MOFONGO made my mouth watery.Everytime I go to P.R, I have 3 or 4 of them, and it's served right in the pilon.
    I make mine different. but I love the old fashioned way too. Just like my Mom used to make it.
    Can't wait to read your cafe con leche recipe.
    From Migdalia

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Migdalia -- how can I forget the song LEAVING IT UP TO YOU? Didn't I force you to dance everytime the song played on the radio. And how old were you (sixteen?) and how old was I (three, four?).

    Modern Mami

    I think you're pretty brave to make mofongo on your own. We usually buy it from one of the local restaurants. It's too hard to make!


    Giovanni, Yeh!!! to bacalaitos. If it doesn't have an itos it's not Puerto Rican. Me and Carmen were just thinking about having you make that recipe. I haven't had that for all too long. As for cafe con leche, I remember Abuelita Carmen plopping a chunk of cheese into the cup before you pour the cafe con leche and when you dip the Pan de boyo and butter
    in side you sometimes get a glop of yummy melted cheese. Yummmmmmy!
    That's why I'm so hyper still today at 48.


    Love your receipe. Except I would be drinking Puerto Rican Rum and coke. Being Puerto Rican I have a Pilon I bought years ago. Never use it, just thought I should have one.

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