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    December 25, 2009


    This is great...I was just having this conversation w/ my better half that some of the best "foods" to me I often don't know where to get them or make, and wait until they "find" me.

    I am so making this either tomorrow or Sunday. Will let you know how it comes out.

    I made half a gallon...not bad...not bad at all (had to replace w/ coconut milk vs coc. cream - otherwise it would of been excellent).

    Thanks for this.


    could hear your voice reciting this post to me :) i'm imaging an oversized bowl and one of those blender sticks that i use to make cream soups. would that be kosher? :D i'll report back how it works. now i have to plan a new years party to go with the coquitos!! good news is everyone walks in this town :)


    omg... now I know what I'm doing for New Year's. Take these out into the square and start handing them around (or maybe not).

    Giovanni Rodriguez

    Louis, Bari, Dianna -- thanks for partaking. It's a big tradition, and now you are part of it. :)


    Coquito was a huge hit on New Year's Eve. We made a half-gallon the day before and refrigerated it, further blending the flavors. We used Castillo Silver rum. Stong self-dicipline was needed to avoid excessive sampling during the process :) Blended everything in one large bowl, then poured it into a growler to take to the party. Thanks for sharing the recipe -- and the inspiration to make it!

    Pedro Izquierdo

    OMGGGG!!! coquito que ricoo!!! casi simpre entro este blog no sabia que eras de Puerto rico


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    Maybe there's a muchacha you're trying to impress. Maybe there's a spouse you are trying to win back. Or maybe you got a bottle of rum as a gift in a Secret Santa exchange and are wondering how to put it to better use (classier than a Rum & Coke, more serious than a Piña Colada).

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